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Tea Blends: Breakfast and Monk’s Blend

Blending teas probably started in China around 400 years ago when they began blending jasmine and other flowers with loose-leaf tea for additional flavor and fragrance. Blending teas has become an art and there many blends of different teas available today.
Some Classic Blends include Breakfast Blends, Genmaicha, Earl Grey, Monks Blend and Russian Caravan.

Breakfast Blends
These blends usually made to work best hardness or softness of the water in the areas they are made for. The tea companies usually keep their blend recipes secret.

English Breakfast: One of the more popular breakfast blends is English Breakfast. It usually uses teas from India, Sri Lanka and Kenya in varying proportions.

Irish Breakfast: This tea uses Assam in its blend and is more robust.

  • Another recipe of a breakfast blend could use the following in a 200g blend:
    -Ceylon: 50g
    -Keemun: 50g
    -Kenyan Black: 100g
English Breakfast Tea, Black Tea, All Star Tea
  English Breakfast Tea

Monk’s Blend
This is a favorite blend in tea rooms. It was originally blended by Franciscan monks. They used to add a pomegranate syrup, but a pomegranate extract would work as well. This blend usually also uses Vanilla extract for smoothness and Calendula and sunflower petals for color and fragrance.

  • The following could be an example for a Monk’s Blend recipe :
    -Pomegranate extract: 1/2 tsp
    -Vanilla extract: 1/2 tsp
    -Sunflower petals: 1 tbsp
    -Ceylon black: 190g

    Monks Blend Tea, Flavored Black Tea, All Star Tea
                                                                             Monks Blend Tea
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