Green Tea

Green Tea : Tips for Successful Brewing

Water temperature is very important when brewing this type of tea. Boiling water temperatures are usually too high and stop the release of delicate aromas and flavors of the leaves. For example Chinese green tea varieties need a slightly higher water temperature compared to Japanese tea.



 Water Temperature

Brewing Length



2.5 to 3 g tea to 250 ml (1 cup) water

75 – 85°C (167 – 185°F)

3-5 minutes

Chunmee, Hyson tea, Longjing


2.5g tea to 250 ml       (1 cup) water

60-75°C  (140 – 167°F)

3-4 minutes

Sencha, Gyokuro

Note: Bancha water temperature 75-85°C (167-185°F) and steep time 4-5 minutes

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Showing all 13 results