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Blooming White Tea

Flower White Symphony, white tea, All Star Tea

Blooming Teas are hand made tea leaves, flowers and threads and they are usually in compact balls of tea about 2 cm in diameter.  The one I brewed today is made of White Tea leaves and its called Flower White Symphony.

White Tea is produced mostly in China’s Fujian province. Tea leaves are least processed compared to other types of tea. There are several types of White Tea: some from very tender leaves that have some white fuzz or Pekoe on them and some from larger leaves and more oxidized. White Tea is considered  one of the healthiest teas because it contains antioxidants concentrated in the bud that boosts the immune system.

Here is how I prepared Flower White Symphony:

Place one tea ball in tea pot.

Flower White Symphony, white tea, All Star Tea
Tea Ball, Flower White Symphony

Boiled 450ml water and let it cool down to 85C.  Then poured the hot water into tea pot gently. Let the tea brew for 4-5 minutes. During this you will see that that leaves in the tea ball expand and tea ball blooms.

Flower White Symphony, white tea, All Star Tea
Flower White Symphony, white tea

This tea has a light yellowish liquor. To me it tastes a bit sweet and a bit floral. I liked it!

Flower White Symphony, white tea, All Star Tea


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