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Tea preserves most of its aromas and flavors when it is loose leaf. Only then it can release those exceptional flavors while brewing. Tea-bags can also make a nice quick cup of this beverage but they fall far behind loose leaf tea when it comes to flavors and fragrances. This is mainly because they are made out of dust like pieces of leaves called fannings. These fannings are made through CTC (Curl-Tear-Crush) production method using industrial machineries. They also very quickly lose their delicate and complex aromas and flavors which are usually found in loose leaf teas. This happens as a result of their increased exposure to air through their bigger surface area. That’s why tea-bags usually taste flat and more astringent.

There are many great teas around the world and the varieties you see in this shop makes a collection which I believe is a representative of some nice ones.

    • I source my teas through reliable suppliers.  What you see in my online shop is what I have personally tried and like.

    • Tea declines in quality through exposure to oxygen. Most of my packaging is either in vacuum sealed bags or vacuum packed packing to eliminate exposure of leaves to oxygen. This preserves freshness and quality of leaves. Depending on the style and variety of leaves, this packaging can offer an extremely long shelf-life:

  • Flavored teas and herbals:  up to10-year shelf life

    • Unflavored teas / herbals:  up to 20-year shelf life

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